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A Survival Guide,after A/L’s

22 February 2024 07:09 am

After studying for over 13 years and facing many examinations the end to your school journey is finally here, you come to the final set of papers you will sit for, which are your A/L’s. First of all, we should really give ourselves a massive round of applause as we have finally finished school. So! After the end of our routine days that we are used to, finally lots of free time will be at our disposal. Many of our friends too will be available and free.

 Words - Tishaniya Seneviratne

I would say it is mandatory to take some time for one’s self at first. Do something you enjoy but couldn’t be a part of because of your academic calendar. It maybe to go to explore a part of our country, take an overseas trip, take a pottery course, take dancing lessons, just relax by the beach, watch movies or spend lots of quality time with your loved ones. After you have taken time for yourself, it is then very important to decide what you wish to do about your future. Do you wish to continue studying?  What field of further studies would you choose? Would you like to join a firm as an intern to learn and earn some pocket money? It should always be kept in mind to not follow the masses and enroll yourselves in courses that will not benefit you or your pathway. It is essential that you pick what is right for you. Say for example you decide to stop studying further but to enroll in say a baking course. If your wish is to be an individual who wants to be an entrepreneur and have your own bakery this would be the best course of action for you. Say you wish to be a lawyer, then finding a diploma in law, a diploma in international law or a component similar to the law you wish to practice would be your best course of action. It would be mandatory to have a degree to be lawyer but a course in any surrounding matters that would enhance your knowledge in law and society would be an added advantage.

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