National Day 2020

6 February 2020 10:30 am Words : Chris Edirisinghe When I started to write this, I had a peep at the Calendar hanging on the wall. We used to call the 4th of February, every year the Independence Day. But now the Calendars indicate this day as ‘National Day’. I think the change is good. In a way it is a better way of recognizing this important day. When we say ‘Independence Day’ a question comes to our mind asking whether we are really ‘Independent’ The original term was used after we became independent of the British Rule in 1948. But though we became independent politically from the British, my view is that we did not become truly independent to live as free people. I feel that most of the time our politicians seem to have taken over the role of the British Monarchy and ‘ruled’ over us from 1948. When we go to think of it being ‘Independent’ can vary from person to person and from day to day. Whether we are independent or not it is good to have one day in the year for us to celebrate as our National Day. All the countries the world over have National Days and our day falls on the 4th of February. I still recall some years back 4th of February was not given the prominence but 22nd May was celebrated as Republic Day to coincide with the political affiliation at the time. Now we have done away with this arrangement. When the 4th of February dawns all citizens of our country will celebrate the National Day. It is a day that is reserved for us to think about our country and also appreciate the good things about our motherland. We are born in this country primarily as Sri Lankans. Our country enjoys a balanced sort of climate with all natural resources in place to help all of us to live happily and healthily.

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