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How Important Is Iron To Our Body?

6 February 2020 11:02 am Words : Lakmini Wijemanne Iron is quite essential to our body as it works as a conveyance to the Oxygen and the Carbon Dioxide in the body. If one describes Iron as a “taxi cab” in our body, that would explain its daily job. While the body can store it, our bodies cannot make iron internally. Therefore, we have to provide Iron to our body from the food we intake. Of course, the best source of Iron happens to be red meat and liver, although red meat is supposed to be not quite healthy for other reasons. For those of you who would not like to eat red meat or liver, there are plenty other meat products which are rich in Iron such as :Pork, Chicken, duck, or turkey meat and eggs. If you are a practicing Vegan or a Vegetarian, then there are plenty of plant- based Iron producing food too, which you can easily supply yourself with. Legumes - including beans, peas and lentils . Soybean products such as Tofu is also considered a good source of Iron.

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