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Worried about your aged parents living alone? A First of its kind angelic service by Qwest Care now available in Sri Lanka.

14 September 2020 09:00 am

Qwest Care, an arm of Qwest Destinations commenced their elderly care companion services for senior citizens keeping in mind the New Normal. Ageing and loneliness go hand in hand. Those who are young and busy with their jobs and families often find it difficult to personally fulfil the voids that their parents are going through living alone. Sometimes you feel so helpless when thinking of doing things for your parents, and can’t be there for them all the time. You maybe living in a far away country and can’t be physically there with your parents or loved ones, but want to do so much. Specially when they’re lonely and have no one to talk to, to check on their daily medication, to remind them about that monthly doctors’ appointment, to take them to the doctor, to mend their clothes, to fix a broken tap, and organise their meals, or simply, to just sit and talk to them and hold their fragile hands. So Qwest Care was born with a fantastic team who are kind and empathetic, who feels the helplessness of the offspring as well as the seniors,. Headed by Lalanee Perera, Chairperson, and the very hands on Managing Director Darshi Ratnayake, caring for someone in need is nothing new to this team who have been working closely with seniors travelling around the world, specially on pilgrimage for over 15 years. Lalanee Perera, who is a veteran in the field of caring for seniors and keeping their safety at their utmost priority when working with them, leads a fantastic, energetic team with a smile and love that come from their hearts. For Lalanee, taking care of seniors is carried out with her own parents in mind. What other empathetic way could there be when caring for elders? Ideally located in the heart of the city of Colombo, in Castle Street, they provide their services across the country.

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