“True happiness of life is when we can genuinely be happy for someone else’s happiness”- Bernadine Jayasinghe

10 January 2022 09:38 am

Words : Aanya Wipulasena
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya

International award-winning speaker, lecturer and media personality, Bernadine Jayasinghe, is setting an example for women across the island by overcoming obstacles and breaking glass ceilings. Today, she is conquering an array of fields including soft skills training, entrepreneurship and personality development, leadership and media all the while spreading positivity and inspiration among thousands. Recognized as one of the 100 successful women in business, Ms. Jayasinghe has a lot more to offer to the country. Here’s what she told Lanka Woman in our special interview:

Ms Jayasinghe it is a great pleasure to feature you in our magazine. You have had a remarkable journey thus far. You were one of the seven to be honoured at the World Changer’s Platinum Awards last year. What was this experience like?

 It was a wonderful experience to connect with remarkable leaders and policy-makers from across the globe. It was great to connect, discuss, and see how further we can support educating, motivating, and inspiring people and transforming their lives. I believe there’s so much to learn every day from each other, and there’s an immense responsibility for us to improve ourselves. Because when we develop ourselves, our environment, and our industries, it will lead to the development of the whole nation. That’s the path for creating a better world. In summary, to dream of a better world, to achieve the endeavour towards a developed country, we have a solemn responsibility to develop ourselves first and give our best, according to our ability. In that context, it was a great honour to be recognised and have a chance to keep the Sri Lankan flag flying high.

We are sure our readers would love to learn more about you. Can you walk us through the work that led you to get this honour?

 With passion and willingness to explore opportunities while learning, I always try my best to look at challenges as an opportunity to transform consistently while being humble enough to accept that we need to learn each day. Supporting and encouraging others to do the same also comes to that purview. My work always taught me to keep my feet on the ground while keeping my integrity. In this life, nothing comes easy, and things won’t happen overnight. It’s a lot of dedication and commitment that is behind this achievement. 
A strong foundation and Step by step growth will surely help anybody grow into the person they dreamt of, like how the pressure and heat inside the womb of earth transform charcoal into a diamond. In real life, tough times, challenges, rejections, criticism will transform you to conquer your dreams and goals. That’s my experience, and that’s how I was recognised as one of the 100 successful women in Business!
 Working through this journey has taught me that you don’t have to be perfect to initiate something big, and you can be the best even if you are in the worst right now. What matters is having a goal, consistency, dedication, values, integrity, and continual growth. If I could do that, anybody can!

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