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Shanela De Livera Maestro of Melodies : Uniting Hearts through Music

5 June 2024 07:11 am

Meet Shanela De Livera Algama, the Sri Lankan-based virtuoso who enchants audiences with her mesmerizing violin performances and empowers budding musicians through her passion for teaching. Shanela De Livera’s musical journey began in childhood, nurtured by her family’s rich musical heritage and her innate talent for playing by ear. Alongside her musical pursuits, Shanela De Livera holds a B.A. in Interior Design from Singapore’s La Salle College of the Arts and a B.Sc. in Business Studies, reflecting her diverse interests and skills. Her performances, infused with emotion and technical prowess, captivate audiences at a variety of functions and private events. Collaborating with her husband, Ashan Algama, adds a unique dynamic to her musical endeavors, showcasing a harmonious blend of personal and professional life. Committed to nurturing the next generation of musicians, Shanela De Livera finds fulfillment in mentoring aspiring talents, guiding them on their own musical journeys. With a passion that burns brightly and a legacy built on creativity, empathy, and resilience, Shanela De Livera Algama continues to inspire through her artistry and dedication.

 Words - Sachini Perera

Photos - Jagath Dharmakeerthi

Let’s begin with a quick introduction. Who, according to you, is Shanela de Livera?

Shanela De Livera Algama is a Sri Lankan-based violinist and music teacher. She loves performing and jamming to music while entertaining captivated audiences. In addition to being a performing artiste, Shanela takes care of her 4-year-old daughter. She performs at a wide variety of functions and private events, captivating audiences with her unique style of violin playing. Moreover, Shanela holds qualifications as an interior designer from Singapore’s LaSalle College of the Arts, earning both a B.A. in Interior Design and a B.Sc. in Business Studies.

 Can you share with us your earliest memories of falling in love with the violin and how your family’s musical background influenced your journey?

My earliest memories of falling in love with music were as a child when I realized that I could listen to a song and play it by ear! My grandparents encouraged me to nurture this God-given talent, which has ultimately brought me to where I am today. Together with my Auntie Ramya De Livera, my grandparents have inspired me greatly during my musical journey. I was introduced to the piano at the young age of four by my grandmother, who was a musical pillar in the early Sri Lankan western music scene. I then went on to complete my grade eight piano exams at an early age. Watching my aunt perform on stage at the Symphony Orchestra concerts has always motivated me to keep honing my craft.

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