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Trusted Tips for Healthy Hair!

1 January 2021 10:53 am

Maintaining healthy hair in this day and age seems next to impossible with increased environmental pollution, humid weather, damaging hair styles and chemical induced products we often use on our hair due to our busy schedules. Healthy hair can be achieved through many ways and here’s a short list compiled of the many ways in which we can care for our mane by making a few changes to our hair care routine! 

Wash your hair!

Washing your hair frequently makes sure the scalp is free of dirt and grime from everyday pollution. However, it’s important to assess the frequency of washing based on the type of hair you have. Typically for dry hair, it’s best to limit your washing to twice a week during which sebum produced from the sebaceous glands protect the scalp and hair by keeping it moisturized. For oily scalps, best to wash your hair on alternate days. 

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