‘Abhyanga’ for the Body and the Mind

5 March 2021 11:03 am

An Abhyanga is believed to be so effective. What is the scientific reason behind this?

The scientific reason behind the oil massage being so effective is, the nature and the behaviour of oil. During the oil massage, oil penetrates underneath the skin to bones, muscles and nerves to treat them from within. Therefore, the treatment could precisely be given to where it is expected. 

What are some of the physical benefits one could receive from an Abhyanga?

  • An Abhyanga has the ability to make your body sweat well, which will thereby help you maintain a healthy body. 
  • An Abhyanga can strengthen the muscles, which means you will not feel fatigue as you did before. 
  • If there are even slighter pains in muscles due to various reasons, those will instantaneously disappear with a proper oil massage. 
  • Blood circulation will be positively affected. 


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