Sun Burnt? Here are some Ayurvedic Solutions!

8 March 2022 09:53 am

Living in Sri Lanka, being burnt by sunlight is an everyday scenario for us. We are exposed to sunlight much more than those living in other countries, which is why, we should think about the effect of sunlight on our skin. ‘Sun burnt skin’ is a common issue of everyone in Sri Lanka, which is why Lanka Woman spoke to Ayurvedic Doctor Dr. Tharka Kankanam Gamage regarding the natural treatments. 

What to Apply?

Since strong sunlight burns your skin, it should be applied with things that cool the surface of the skin. 

Sandalwood powder of good quality should be mixed with milk and applied on the skin. After leaving this paste for about half an hour, it should be washed off. This will also add a beautiful glow to your skin. 
Mung Beans
Mung beans, which we call mung eta are very good for cooling the skin. Mung beans soaked in water for softening, should be boiled and grinded with milk to make a paste. This paste should be applied on the skin and washed off after 20 minutes. 
Venivelgeta should be powdered first. This powder should be mixed in milk and applied on the skin. Since Venivelgeta can make the burns disappear quite well, it’s very good for sun burnt skin.
Avacado could be easily applied on the skin and washed off after about 20 minutes. Since the natural oils in avocado can penetrate into the skin, the burns could be effectively treated.  

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