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A Fiery and Passionate Romantic Hairdo by Ramzi

3 March 2023 10:15 am

This Valentine’s day, Ramzi, the Hair Maestro, has created a sharp and bright look that gives off the energy and feelings of passionate, and classy romance. Fitting the glowing and distinct nature of the Valentine’s month, the hairdo reflects passion and prominence, along with a touch of youthful energy, and, undeniably, love.

Model : Muneera Lantra
Words : Sachini Perera
Photos : Jagath Dharmakeerthi

The hairstyle 

The hair is straightened and a bit of it adorns the front - parted in the middle and hanging down gracefully on either side of the face. The front thus appears as chin-length long curtain bangs – only that the strands are thinner.
Two thinner strands of longer hair that come up to the shoulder level complete the front of the hairstyle.
The rest of the hair has been gelled and combed back, and the posterior part is the most attractive. The hair is twisted from both sides and made up into a loose bun at the back. Braids come down from the two sides, starting from the level of the eyebrows and down to the base of the bun. The top of the braids are attractively curled into a spiraling circle, and the entire setup resembles a heart that does not quite meet in the middle. One end of the bun is loose-fitted, so that the free hair falls onto one shoulder. The ends of the hair are dyed red, in order to signify the colour of love. This magnifies the whole lovely and romantic look of the hairdo.




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