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Daring and Trendy Ramzi’s Latest Hair Masterpiece

4 July 2024 01:39 pm

Ramzi, the Hair Maestro, has once again showcased his extraordinary talent with a stunning and daring new hairstyle that sets the trend. Renowned for his innovative techniques and visionary artistry,Ramzi’s latest creation is a testament to his ability to push boundaries and redefine modern hair fashion,captivating the attention of style enthusiasts everywhere. 

Model - Adithi Promodya
Words - Sachini Perera
Photos -  Jagath Dharmakeerthi

The Hairstyle

The front part of the hair is divided into two sections: one larger than the other. The larger portion of hair is styled to its side in the shape of a captivating wave. The two sections of hair are twisted at the sides and come together at the back, along with the rest of the hair, which are all styled in beautiful curls. The top part of the hair at the back is styled in circular curls, while the rest of the curly strands flow freely down.

What goes with it?

The eyes are lined with black eyeliner; which give off a daring vibe, while the brown eyeshadow enhances the overall look. A deep pink shade of lipstick would go well with the hairdo. Circular, hanging earrings of gold and white may be used, with preferably no necklace; since the hairdo on its own shines bright in  its glamour. Clothes with hues of brown would suit the hairstyle well.    






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