Holiday parenting!

6 December 2019 10:34 am

The welcome lull after the initial festivities is when kids become active. When all the traditions have been followed and the joy seems to diminish a little, kids become restless and demanding. Having indulgent relatives and extended family put them on an elevated position. They learn quickly that you are not the boss for this short period of time! Just as you have put away the last set of plates and replaced the festive cutlery in their boxes the kids find new ways to amuse themselves!  When they say they are ‘bored’ and they want some ‘cool stuff’ to do what’s a parent to do? If you were tucked off in a village you could have asked the kids to take a hike – in every sense of the word because there are places to do just that. Some parents have written in to ask if there are ways to keep the kids occupied without getting in the way…so, here are some suggestions.

A Science Corner

Use a quiet corner of your home so that kids won’t be interrupted or diverted. When visitors arrive your kids should be involved in the process of greetings and courtesies of cultural value but should be able to go back to their activities if they so wish.

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Young family with little daugher on a vacation by the ocean


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