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10 March 2020 10:39 am

Words : Sirohmi Gunesekera (Teacher, Attorney-at-Law and Researcher into Human Relations & The Family Unit) Pradeep and Uma worked in the same company.They shared many interests like going for movies. They began dating and decided to get married.They had no Sex Education and gleaned what they could from watching sexual acts on screen. The couple had a grand wedding and then went on their honeymoon. Pradeep and Uma fumbled as they lay in bed together. Pradeep had a Premature Ejaculation and Uma was disappointed since she had not reached Orgasm. However, Uma became pregnant and the couple were overjoyed. There was no-one to tell the couple of the joys of lovemaking and that there is more to having sex than just penetration. How many Sri Lankan couples are in the same boat? Couples also look forward to having a boy and a girl and then feel that their family is complete. There are also couples who continue to have children until they can have both boys and girls. There are the families who have children by accident since they are careless and don’t plan their families. This is also true of husbands and wives who simply have sex because they are married and have the occasional copulation. Having two children is the ideal but there are couples who have more since husbands and wives don’t share the burden of childbearing and childcaring. Most men assume that when the wife becomes pregnant she is fulfilled. Women also think that whatever the discomfort and pain of childbirth, having a baby is the ultimate happiness. Society concurs with this myth since it is the procreation of the species. There are many couples who for religious and other reasons don’t want to have an abortion. But if you plan ahead you don’t need to have an abortion. After the first baby, the couple must plan when and how to have a second child and then make up their minds that they will stop with two children. Every child should be a wanted child and both parents must co-operate to raise him or her.

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