Healthy Homeschooling

12 August 2020 10:04 am

In a total curfew/lockdown situation during COVID-19 parents were pulled apart at the heartstrings. While providing good food and treats they were also faced with providing the necessary guidance to keep up with their children’s studies. It definitely is proving too much as we now reach the fifth month of virtual classrooms. The results of this nature in knowledge based education will be seen in the next few years. Children, contrary to what parents wish to believe, need peer interaction. A physical interaction. They thrive on it. What is now witnessed is the dearth of such a link. Homeschooling saves money on expenditure of travel, sports, extra curricular activities and tuition. However, it can never be replaced with the one-on-one-interaction with peers and teachers. Yes, teachers surprisingly because children so tend to love them and hate them! And right there is what will make them into habitable citizens. At home, parents have no say in matters of delivery and teach-techniques. At the beginning of the sessions parents were of the opinion they could do a better job than the teachers but realized soon that they couldn’t juggle home, career and tumultuous behaviours all in a 24 hour cycle. Parenting is stressful as it is without the added flavours!

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Beautiful Caucasian woman helping her doughter to do school homework, mother and child surronded by books, little girl sitting concentrated at white desk, trying to do sums. Education concept.


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