Forced Isolation and the Child

9 November 2020 10:13 am

Given a choice, we all would be out and about and going about our life as normal, before this new-normal came into being. This is wishful thinking. Irrespective of whether COVID is swept away from Sri Lanka, we will still need to practice what we practice now, to a great degree. Forced isolation may not be a long term plan but for now, it is. 


As opposed to adults, the children have a greater capacity to adjust and readjust. It, however, comes with a certain amount of psychological impact, that can come into the fore, as they move along life’s long pathway, with the new normal. Childhood, they say, is a plethora of memories. Some of us parents are excellent at creating good ones and some of us, on the other hand, are not so adept at it. Time has, however come, for us, the adults, to ensure that this forced isolation at homes for our children, leave a store house of good memories for them, so that in time to come as they move through the new era the virus has brought about, the society will see a new breed of sensible, resilient and intentional human beings, navigating the many challenges the era may offer. 

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