Living With The Pandemic

7 January 2021 10:30 am

Words : Sirohmi Gunesekera
(Teacher, Attorney-at-Law and Researcher into Human Relations &The Family Unit)

Vilma lived with her family in Colombo.  “I was happy but now I am afraid of catching the Covid-19 Virus. Our whole family lives in fear.  What can we do?” she moaned. ‘Stop grumbling.  All  you have to do is to take health precautions like washing hands frequently, using sanitiser and perhaps gargling the mouth with warm water and salt.  Social distancing is also important with a metre apart being the norm.” remarked Colin.
A year has gone by and the world has come to accept the reality of the Virus which has spread and caused many deaths. However in countries like Sri Lanka there has also been a high RecoveryRate so there is hope ! “We must try to lead normal lives along with the precautions   Anyway, social functions like weddings, birthdays and funerals will continue to happen.  It’s just that the numbers attending will be fewer” said Colin.
“I know.  We have to stop thinking of large gatherings with weddings having only about fifty to hundred guests” said Vilma, adding, “Anyway, the cost will also be less and the couple can use the extra money to live a comfortable life.” “That is a wise thought” commented Colin.
“South Asians are famous for having lavish functions like weddings lasting even for a week,” said Jenny. “I know.  Sometimes they even get into debt by spending so much only on a wedding.  Besides, some marriages are arranged by elders and the couple do not really know each other. I know photographers  who ask for payment in advance as the marriage does not last beyond the honeymoon!” shared Colin.
“Anyway,  many families do not live happily ever after.  Usually, husbands and wives stay together for the sake of the children.  The couple puts up with each other and often bicker even in front of the kids. So the lockdown due to the Pandemic is just another reason for fights.” Said Vilma. “You are right.  Many families find excuses to fight.  It is not just between father and mother but also between siblings. Often there is jealousy and competition hidden when they go out and now due to the lockdown it is aired!” commented Asela who was a psychologist.
“Perhaps the trouble inside the home is the reason for human beings to be unbalanced.  The Pandemic  has resulted in strong feelings being aired.  Let us learn to live for the day and to show true caring and sharing with each other.” Summed up Jenny.

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