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A Peaceful Home Environment Setting The Stage For Family Mental Health

7 December 2021 11:42 am

Parenting is a piece of art. The artists should be skilful, focussed and determined that the 18 years spent on the canvas comes out with the minimum of blotches, scratches and accidental sprays of violent splashes. It can be done. It has been done. Each of us ‘parent actors’ on this wide stage plays a crucial role in a child’s life- be it academic or social. Parents continue to be the pivotal point of a family. Our performances are primarily functional surrounding a variety of duties and responsibilities which help towards placing a balanced individual 
on earth. 
Whether or not parents help in increasing financial growth for the home is quite beside the point. Parents are now considering following a full time career at home given the COVID-19 situation. In whichever situation parents are the important part in the machinery of building a worthy child. The family should then be directed at being happy with whatever is affordable in order to ensure a balanced and happy existence. To us educators, this is the epitome of a learning curve for young children. They learn to be happy. Materialism can be laid to rest. 

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