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Understanding Behaviour of Children

10 January 2022 10:13 am

The adult will never truly understand the reason for bad behaviour by children. I call it missed-behaviour rather than misbehaviour. The adult will then realize what the ‘missed’ part of the behaviour is. Often grandparents and other adults like caregivers, expect children to be perfectly ‘behaved’ and will be the unknowing negative influence of mimicry. What the child sees in the adult, the child copies. This is the simple truth. This is mimicry. 
Most adults will coo and coddle infants until they begin progressing. At the point of movement they will often be heard saying “he can’t stay in one place!” Irrefutably, who can ? Movement and Communication is the fundamental aspect of progression of a human being. Although children go through “stages” of behaviour, this shouldn’t be an excuse for accepting inappropriate manners. We have come to expect annoying, uncooperative and rebellious behaviour in children as “normal” especially after the COVID-19 situation. Many parents put on a show of patience outside home but will not tolerate correction by others. We need to realize that all behaviours occur for a social purpose. First, we must understand the child’s needs and reasons for missed-behaviour.

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