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Promote non-violence at home

31 August 2023 09:50 am

The escalating violence against children and by children is a continuing factor around the world. We adults are the cause. Blaming the child is unacceptable and unfair. When a child is born into a family from whichever strata of economic status the expectations are high. We expect the child to be the calming presence in the midst of  calamity. Children are expected to function and perform amid scarcities. They are silenced into  accepting injustice and imbalance. They are forced to understand adult mindsets in relationship issues. They see and hear everything. They may not understand everything. Children are supposed to be adults in difficult situations we create. 

Words - Shanthi Wijesinghe

None of us is the perfect parent. No parenting book in the universe can ever tell you about your child. Your child is an individual – not a text book case. However, what we can do is to learn parenting skills that can help us in our effort to becoming logical adults and not allow our children to run (or ruin) our lives. In a family we should all revolve around each other – not revolve around one person. Raising a child and providing a safe and healthy upbringing is a lifelong challenge. 

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