Mongolian Rice – Your Perfect Lockdown Meal

31 March 2020 02:35 pm Words: Ronali Moonemalle Goonetileke The threat of COVID-19 ominously looms over the global community as countries rush to impose precautionary measures to combat the spread of such a dangerous contagion. Sri Lanka, in a bid to ‘Flatten the curve’ has taken calculated measures by declaring curfew in specific regions of the country since the 20th of March. With curfew lifted at little intervals for the public to stock up on essentials for the weeks ahead, access to ingredients has been scarce while many have adjusted their meal plans in order to minimize unnecessary waste. We at Lanka Woman thought it best to curate a recipe that is not only cost-effective but also uses ingredients that are easy to source! Lockdown meals don’t have to be daily staples that gradually make your palette immune to taste! Add much-needed variety to your meals by cooking up a mouthwateringly delicious Mongolian Rice dish! This flavorsome alternative is a one-pot meal which makes it easier to clean up afterward and guess what? It’s cheaper than rice and curry! Ingredients (Serves 2) • 1 egg • Half a carrot • 3 sleeves of leaks • Handful of cabbage shavings • 2 cloves garlic • Pea-sized piece of ginger • 1/3 pack of soya meat or 100g meat of your choice • 2 cups cooked rice • 4 tbsp. soy sauce • 2 tbsp. oil • Salt and pepper to taste Method • Heat some oil in a pan. • Add the ginger and roughly chopped garlic, stir until it starts to brown. • Crack in an egg and mix gently. • Toss in the soya meat or preferred meat of your choice and saute in pan. • Sprinkle in a pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning and add the cooked rice. • Toss in the carrots and cabbage along with the soy sauce. • As the rice soaks in all that colour from the sauce, reduce the flame and add the leaks. • Mix until all ingredients are well incorporated. • Serve while warm! mongolian


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