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Pregnancy And Baby

4 October 2021 12:25 pm

In our feature this month we will further discuss the bodily changes of a mother to be and learn more about the baby in the womb.  A vital detail to keep in mind during these coming weeks would be to be kind to yourself. You and your systems are working overtime to grow another human being.  Physically you might not like what you look like, you might be exhausted. You should be! You are after all doing one of the most difficult tasks of the universe. This will all result in you having a perfect little human of your own.

Week 24 Changes in you and how to help yourself get comfortable 

  1. In the coming few months, it is quite common to put on a spurt of weight
  2. You may feel more comfortable in loose-fitting clothes from now on till the end of your pregnancy
  3. Sweating may be a problem because you tend to feel the heat more. Make sure that you drink plenty of water, and try to avoid wearing any Nylon clothes.
  4. If you have flat or inverted nipples and you hope to breast feed, speak to your doctor and midwife on how they can help you.
  5. Put your feet up as much as possible in the day
  6. Continue to exercise gently, but regularly. Practice relaxation and breathing exercises

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