What is Psoriasis?

10 April 2023 03:47 pm

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition. It appears as red or purplish patches with silvery scales that are dry and itchy. These lesions can occur on and off in a person’s lifetime. In a patient with psoriasis skin cells are formed at a faster rate than the rate they are shed. These skin cells will build up and accumulate as thick scales or plaques on the surface of the skin. 

Words : Sharmila Samaranayake

How is Psoriasis treated?

Psoriasis can be controlled well, provided you adhere to your treatment plan and avoid identified triggers. Compliance to treatment is very important to keep disease in remission. Make sure you follow up regularly with your dermatologist, or attend clinic as instructed, because your doctor can start treatment early or adjust the treatment plan accordingly when you get a flare up. Here are the treatment options for psoriasis;

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